by lookhowbeautiful

Michael Djordjevitch of the architectural design firm Atelier & Co., featured in the exhibition, said, “We can only grow as architectural designers by engaging with the world through drawing it, through modeling it, through painting it. It does give us the raw material to intervene in it as architectural artist.”

Djordjevitch explained why architecture is considered the mother of the arts. “Architecture is a stepping back from our fundamental reality in the world and presenting it to us in some idealized way. So it is about the sky and the ground and the horizon,” he said.

Looking around the exhibition with delight, Djordjevitch said it was the embodiment of everything Richard Cameron (co-founder of ICAA and Atelier & Co.) has been trying to get through to the architecture culture in New York in the last 25 years. “It is here at a glance. Because here you can see painting, architecture, sculpture, working together as a single art. It was always a single art.” He currently teaches architecture classes at the Grand Central Atelier, a collaborative work space for the study and practice of figurative drawing, painting, and sculpture, adjacent to Eleventh Street Arts.